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[[* h4. Places of the Afterwar of Secrets: *]]
The confederacy of RiverTowns
- The confederacy makes a good trade between the Artisans in the Yellow Mountians to the north and the beserker tribes to the south. Occasinally a merchant from the Cattle towns will come by and trade. The RiverTowns have always lived in fear that dragons who once were a frequent occurance to the towns will come back again. It is an ideal place to live without worry if one doesn’t consider its history.

Yellow Mountians to the North are enormous. There are only a few paths into the mountians guarded by dwarfs. However, in the eryies of the mountians, there are several artisan towns which have great production, which the dwarfs are willing to sell. It is said that to the east the mountians go on, and the dwarfs ride airships over exotic waters which are more like the primordial planes than the oceans. Beyond the Yellow Mountians, anchient texts speak of a resiliant monestary of monks who are dedicated to keeping the Key of Ysthadril.

No one comes out of Stone wood, except the Dwarfs, Elderian and the Elfs who stick to the path to the Shining Mountians.

Shining Mountians
These mountians are the ancesteral home of the Dragon born, which all of the sudden are fleeing it. It is said that their empire is in ruins. The mountians have bright colors and reflective surfaces. It is said at some hieghts you can look down and see the stars in a different pattern and that astrological charts made from these positions can tell one of their hidden fates, or create a destiny.

Skull Temple of Ysthadril
When the orcs of the rotten eye clan invaded and occupied the Skull Temple of Ysthadril, they ironicly did everyone a favor and stoped the curse which surrounded the temple. The temple imposed a tax of a fresh skull for anyone passing through the area of its infulence. Some say the orcs pay the tax so much that others can pass by the region unhindred. Some say there is something darker afoot that will cause doom for the region. Scholars of religon say that Ysthadril is one of the goblin’s deities can be seen to be worshiped wherever there are goblins, even by other creatures in the area.

Town of Green haven
Green haven was once a keep on the borderland for the since fallen human empire. Now it is a manor supported by agriculture, textiles and a quarry. It welcomes all races. Although recently, a band of kobolds have taken to orginized highway robbery. With the Dragonborn exodus, perhaps some band of Dragonborn will make the roads safe again.

Thunder Mountian
A haven for Minataurs and Goliaths, the monestary and Laberynth has long have been a destination for those who wish to learn how to deal with demons, and their own inner demons. The Minataur adepts have learned a great deal about psionic disipline and will teach in return for missions that they give out. The area has a strange attraction for secret cults. Perhaps it is a testing ground, for secret evil cults are sure to be erradicated by the minataur monks.

No one runs cowtown and everything is negotiable. Freedom is valued by most in this town. As the name suggests it is a tradepost for many ranchers. It is the best place to get leather goods and steaks. It is a bit arid though. There is a great number of the purple sashed palidens of Moon here. It is said they search for an artifact.

Towers of the Purple Plains
Above the purple desert lies the purple plains where the dreamweavers congergate and their messengers the Purple Palidens of the Moon. The Purple desert is harsh and many dragon bones can be found there. A tribe of tough humans survive there though as well as the desert druids. It is said that there are thoughts of power upon the purple sand.

Beast Kings of the South
Numerous Barbarian clans live to the south, each having a different tribal totem. Ussaly they only come up as far as Cowtown given the town’s respect for freedom. Most clan members wear masks. The goblins of the area wear masks too and are said to have a holy spot near the beast kings.

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